Virtual reality animation 01.00 min

Sound: Gry Bagøin

Concrete 60 · 80 · 30 cm, Porcelain ø70 cm, stainless steel

The virtual reality animation displays a dying swan. Besides the tremor and trembling caused by the nervous system when it dies, I am interested in the similarities between spasm, devotion and death which the animation join into the same motion and sound. Within the virtual space, the physical dimension is suspended and transformed into a realistic situation where the viewer is able to observe the movements of the swan from all angles and pass through bodily space and death. You are released from the physical where others can see you, but you cannot see them.


Instruction / for use. The object is hollow and its upthrust force can carry and keep a human being fixed under water. The frame is attached to the neck and the object, floating in water, will carry the human being below, dead or alive. Photo: Torben Zenth