Sound piece 09.13 min

Sound production: Ane Trolle

Iron plates 100 · 150 · 0.4 cm, electromagnets, electricity-supply, wire

Pt. describes, at internal assessment, a lack of feeling of being delimited from other persons (objects). Pt. also describes a feeling of non-existence and a physical experience of the skin that shuts off the brain.

In 2018 I visited the open-pit diamond mine Мир. The mine is located in Siberia. In Russian, Mир means the earth. The town which encircles the mine is built on poles due to the frozen climate. The Russian diamond corporation Alrosa operates the mine and the town. The air layer above the mine is closed because the depth of the mine is able to drag a helicopter down. Do to a flood accident the mine is currently closed.

Мир is an sound piece based on an audio recording I made when I visited the excavated open-pit diamond mine. I used sound to examine the mine as sound is fluid and not static. At the exhibition I had installed two 70 kilo iron plates via electromagnets. That meant there was a risk they would fall off if the power was turned off. To get a full view of the individual iron plate, you had to place yourself in the position of the opposite iron plate. The sound was played from two speakers.