Concrete 60 · 80 · 30 cm, Acting by Kirstine Aarkrog 60 min, cotton knit, hedgehogs, Acting by Anna Reinbacher 60 min, monlogue, air drawing


The exhibition opened at 4 am at night.


Photo-documentation: Silas Inoue

Hun elskede det ene barn mere end hun elskede det andet. Det ene barn fik hun med en mand hun elskede og det andet barn med en mand hun ikke elskede. Men noget knyttede hende til barnet hun fik med den mand hun ikke elskede. Noget hun ikke kunne placere hos manden hun elskede og som hun derfor måtte placere et andet sted.

The project is linked to the building on Halmtorvet 15. Close to the address is Copenhagen Central Station. The building contains Copenhagen’s drug consumption rooms and the area is inhabited and surrounded by people living vulnerable, transient and exposed lives. I worked on this address in order to examine the conditions of a less local neighbourhood in the city accommodating people shut off from civilisation, living on the verge of a deformed existence. The project’s intention is to unveil and exhibit the uncompromised life of the vulnerable, transient and exposed.

Anna Reinbacher took one step towards the viewer when the viewer approached her while she, combined with drawing in the air, recited a monologue. I was wearing a closed form which covered the upper part and bared the lower part of my body. In the hands I carried two hedgehogs.