Kris Haagen

Bulgariensgade, 2015

With the project Kris Haagen I wanted to expose the homely as much as possibly: I paid a man with sex and closeness to make a website entitled the androgynous name Kris Haagen. Alongside living in an apartment, I emptied it: removed doors, panels, walls, water supplies and the kitchen. I slept on the floors and sanded the floors simultaneously and exhibited the intervention to the public with the title Kris Haagen.


» The structure which is incorporated into the material is not a structure that you construct. It is a structure that already exists in the material. The structure of the material is the same as the structure which is incorporated into, and exits unconditional in the human being. 

Through the sculpture my body is surrendered to the structure of the material. The structure is able to see, and confirm the structure of the human being, and is able to see, and confirm the human being. I perceive the material as a partner, and as a witness. 

What separates the material and the human being from each other is consciousness. Consciousness is separated from, and exhibited through the sculpture because it does not belong to the material. Through the sculpture I pull the material out to the possible outermost in order to be both seen, and confirmed, and in the same time not having to sacrifice my consciousness that defines me as a human being. «

Kris Haagen, sound 1.02 min. – loop on a speaker, vocal: Sivan Porat, text: Kirstine Aarkrog

Storage box intended for my brother, bamboo plywood, acrylic, rubber wheel 190 · 67 · 59 cm.

The line of the circle is collected, organized dots; between some dots there is space; others have united made a form that is separated from and appears behind the line. acrylic, steel 154 · 44 · 7 cm, the sculpture is connected to an action which was performed at the exhibition.


Photo: David Stjernholm